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In 2011 my husband was diagnosed with a terminal illness.  As you can imagine this news was devastating, how was I going to pay our mortgage, we were self-employed and although I could go and find alternative employment I really wanted to be at my husband’s bedside. At this time I contacted McFarlane Orr and spoke to James.  He was outstanding!  Not only was he considerate of our tragic news he instantly put my mind at ease and contacted our Life Insurance Company for the trauma payout straight away.

They came to the party and we received the trauma cover of the policy within days.  This enabled me to be with my husband knowing that the mortgage was taken care of for the next 3 months as well as provide me with funds for my own accommodation while in Brisbane.
Unfortunately my husband was only given months to live, so when I contacted James again, James immediately contacted our life and superannuation providers so we could have the paperwork signed by my husband’s Oncologist and have them payout on his life Insurance early.  I found both James and McFarlane Orr to be outstanding in the way they treated us.  We received the payout of my husband’s life insurance policies which enabled us to payout the mortgage on our home as well as leave us with funds for my husband’s ongoing treatments.
To date my husband is still with us and together we are enjoying our life together.

We would recommend the services of James and McFarlane Orr…

Kay Ridge

Maleny , 3 July 2013

I have been a client of McFarlane Orr since 1990 and have always received excellent service and advice from them.

This was especially the case when they advised me to add Trauma Insurance to my wife’s and my existing policies.  This was then a brand new insurance product, and covered us in case I suffered a “major incident” such as heart attack, stroke etc which debilitated my health but did not actually kill me.

Subsequently in 1995 I suffered a major stroke.  My left vertebral artery was 100% occluded, and I was pensioned off from my job as a school teacher by the QLD Department of Education.  Two of our children were then at university, and our two younger children were in high school.  As I was only in my early forties at the time, my wife and I suffered a lot of stress worrying about our finances as a result of my stroke,.

I made a claim with FAI Life under this then ‘new’ policy.  The assistance I received from McFarlane Orr made the claiming process a smooth one which resulted in a payout and I still use them today.

I would recommend James and McFarlane Orr to any person seeking thorough insurance advice.

G.W. Firmstone

20 May 2013

James Orr has been our insurance broker for some time now.

We have found James to be very approachable and very easy to talk to at all times. When Ron became so ill I was unable to concentrate on any thing but Ron. Thru James’ compassionate and professional nature I felt that I was able to leave our claim in his very capable hands,which he handle beautifully and was able to make our journey as pain free as possible.He has helped make this very difficult time in our lives much easier.

You should be very proud to have such an outstanding young man like James working for your company.

Sonja Calvert

21 June 2011

Every parent’s fear is losing a child … that happened to us recently when our 24 year old only son passed away. As a FIFO worker he had the foresight of having income protection insurance. James Orr our son’s financial advisor, provided us with face to face personal assistance, support and guidance with our son’s financial affairs at a very emotional and stressful time in our lives. He took care of all paperwork and communications with the insurance company and with his expert help, the claim was finalised in a very short time.
We highly recommend James Orr for his professionalism, advice and integrity. We still have business dealings with James and recommend him to any family and friends that need financial advice.

K Richter

13 July 2013